A person behind a camera

Today is a birthday of my blog. It’s 1 year passed since I published my first post here. I’m so thankful to all of you who read my blog and support me somehow. I think you helped me not to say someday: fuck it all!

I offer to all of you who are reading this now to have a little party here. To join a party you can take a photo of yourself the way you like. If you don’t want to show your face you can shot in Magritte style or a shadow of you or anything else. I just want to feel myself today not alone here. So come on! Let’s get the party started! 😉

Here’s a shot that I made with a Fotokor-1 camera, aperture F9, shutter speed 4 seconds. I used Fomapan 100 film (9×12) and developed the sheet in Fomadon R09 for 4 minutes. Then I made a contact printing in my so-called darkroom. It’s printed on Slavich RC paper (10×15) and scanned on the same awful scanner which is known to you. Though, I’m not sure that all of it was worth it… maybe a mobile shot would be no worse? Ha-ha! Anyway, I can’t bring back the things which were done…

And here I am. A person behind a camera. And as it turned out you could see me earlier on my blog posts if you were attentive enough 😀


14 thoughts on “A person behind a camera

    1. Thank you 🙂 4 years it’s a long time! You look funny on this photo 🙂 Hope, you won’t be offended for such words 🙂
      I think there is no party without music. As you like cats (it seems), I put this record on. Freddie Mercury dedicated it to his cat 😀 Hope you like it!

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            1. Would you like to feel your age?
              In my opinion, it’s better to feel younger, than older!
              I don’t think usually about my age, but I have one funny thing about the memory. People whom I know stay in my mind in the same age as they were at the moment we met. And when someone tell me: “Oh… I’m already… years old” I start to think: “Oh, Gosh… If he/she is already at this age, how old am I then” 🙂

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    1. I treat people here with songs. I’m not sure this one will suit your taste, but it is the only “baking” track which came to my mind.


    1. It’s a song for you. Don’t ask me why exactly this song. I tried to find something connected with the word “new”. And it’s song about travelling a bit 🙂 Hope, you’ll like it. Video is nice and crazy at the same time 😀


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