Old dolls

You maybe noticed that titles for my photos are so genius most of the time… but I can’t help it unfortunately 😀

Yesterday I sorted my analog prints and found this one. I still like it, that’s why it’s here now. I made this print at the beginning of this year it seems.

I printed this on fiber based paper and as I remember it was the first print on FB paper which I decided to tone. And as I read later: “Sepia toner works better with FB papers…” This phrase made me laugh like an idiot. Because when I put this print into a bleach it disappeared completely in a few seconds and scared me so much 😀 I just didn’t believe it would come back when I put it to the toner.  But it did and gave this rich brown tint. It was scary because when you put an RC paper into a bleach it lays there… and it looks like nothing is happening for minutes. And you think: “Oh, well… Ok… Maybe now it’s enough”… with FB papers you have no time to think 🙂

And yes, this shot was made in Tartu Toy museum. It’s not my dolls. By the way, do they look scary? 😀

Old dolls
Paper: Slavich Unibrom 160 BP (expired), Scan: Canon LaserBase MF 3228

9 thoughts on “Old dolls

  1. You took the words from my mouth, Alena. They look very scarey! They remind me of a horror movie I saw when I was a young boy. I’m sure I wet the bed that night!! Dolls and clowns. The stuff of Stephen King! Love the sepia finish by the way. Works wonders! 😱😁

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    1. I’m sorry, I laught at your comment 😀
      It seems I didn’t watch these movies, that’s why I don’t find them scary, though several people before you said the same 🙂 I guess the reason why dolls look like this is their eyes. Their gaze is not alive and defocused. It’s strange.

      I sent a comment earlier than I finished it.

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        1. I think, they were born in the USSR and they don’t have Estonian citizenship, so they will not be given a visa then. You see, it’s good that Britain left the European Union! 😀

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  2. I don’t find them scary but yes, eyes of the dolls often are made really ugly. But these two look quite nice. Maybe that’s because of the toner:)

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