It was snowing…

…in Moscow. Last year 🙂

I made this shot in December 2017 during my short trip to Russia. I lived in Moscow and suburbs for 10 years and this city became really precious to me. But I understood this only when I moved to Tallinn. Maybe it always happens like that and it’s just how nostalgia works. Yes, I’m already thinking about buying matryoshka and balalaika. No joking. I have never played balalaika, though. And it would be definitely a surprise for my neighbors 😀 Well, I digress a bit.

Moscow streets remind me about… my time spent on the streets. With my friends and relatives. Just walking, talking, loafing, joking, laughing, crying, shouting, protesting… Being in Moscow and walking in its streets in the old parts of a city could be a kind of romantic thing. If you don’t need to rush anywhere.

I publish it just now because I scanned it last week. I could make a print in the school’s darkroom but I was a bit busy with another thing.

P.S. I finished my marathon and starting this week I will post as usual on Monday and Thursday. And you’ll see here something in digital. Probably soon. And maybe in colour. But it’s not for sure 😀

Camera: Lubitel 166B
Film: Fomapan 400
Developer: Agfa Rodinal (1+25, 5.5 minutes )
Scan: CanoScan 9000F Mark II

Moscow streets

13 thoughts on “It was snowing…

  1. Well, it’s enough I suppose. But I gave up guitar after over twenty years and it play bass now.. and it’s enough. Fantastic actually. Any instrument’s sound or feel that speaks to you inside, is a perfect release for every emotion we can feel. If youre happy with guitar.. then you don’t need a Balalaika, no? 😁

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    1. Maybe 🙂 I tried to play a lot of instruments. And I still have some. But they just gatherer dust now. I need a band to play it seems. Or maybe I just need time to do something different. I hope I have a lot of time still.
      I would like to listen to your bass! 😀

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      1. Maybe you should become a one woman band and hit the streets again?! 🤣 And yeah.. my bass is cool. Not sure at my hands though. 🙏

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        1. 😀
          I wrote some ambient and something like folk earlier. It was like one man band. Not sure it’s interesring for someone else. But I liked it.


          1. That’s all that matters really, isn’t it? As long as it sounds and feels good. That’s what music is allll about. 😁

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  2. If that was a part of a ‘guess location’ game then I surrender 🙂 By the way, this photo feels more Tallinnish even than several real photos of Tallinn that I have:)

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