Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

It’s another but digital shot made in Moscow this summer. I went there with my husband and I don’t know what was wrong with us but we kept coming to the same place. It was ВДНХ (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). This place is a real triumph of communism. I’m not sympathetic to communistic ideas but anyway it’s a part of a history and such things as this sculpture is something breathtaking. I hope, I managed to take a shot which shows its monumentality and greatness.

Worker and kolhoz woman, V.I. Mukhina, 1937

8 thoughts on “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

  1. Yes, you know, you surely have captured a right light/angle for the picture. When I ride a trolleybus going past the monument, it usually doesn’t look in such a way:)

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! I think the sky is making it so dramatical. Here was a bit of photoshop magic, though I didn’t create the sky on my own, it was but it was unseen.


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