Chromotherapy: blue

Sun came back for a while in Estonia and I think soon I can finish this project. Blue now.

As for my own feelings, I realized I really enjoy being a part of this project and creating these images.

A funny thing about this photo. I found about 2 kilos of stones walking along the seashore and I brought them home. It was a kind of meditation. Searching these stones, carrying them and finally placing them on paper. I was so concentrated that I didn’t shoot any additional pictures…

And yes, as always I will be glad if you will share your feelings about this shot. Thank you.

23 thoughts on “Chromotherapy: blue

    1. Thank you for your comment, Art!
      I like collecting stones though usually I collected them because I had some ideas what to do with them but then I forgot about the idea 😀

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  1. I share conspicari’s comments actually Alena. Very calming, but also, a beautifully structured frame. I absolutely.. love it!! Well done!! 😁 🙏

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  2. The arrangement of the stones and the shadows and light conjure up all kinds of ideas. The blue is sky and space, the stones can be all the objects in the sky!

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  3. I don’t feel anything special about blue colour itself. But this photo remembers me about Solovki archipelago. They have these odd-looking spiral-shaped graves of fishermen tribes that lived there long before the first Russian Orthodox monks came. And blue is a well-recognised colour of the sea. So it resembles me something sea-related.
    Another thing is, of course, a Nautilus mollusc, again because of both colour (marine) and shape (spiral).

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  4. I get relieved looking at it… As if the muscular tension goes away. In this, it resembles the abstract picture “The Blue Homer” by my bro Andrei Volkov. It is something in the depths of the most beautiful and most versatile hints of the blue.

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    1. Hello, Yana! Thank you for visiting my blog 😀
      I found the painting you mentioned. It looks very deep. Thank you for sharing it and your feelings!


  5. Finally a colour I like! I’ve been waiting for the blue composition for some time now Alena😊. I felt the yellow was a bit off putting, the red a bit aggressive and the Green outright scary. I wouldn’t call 5his calming but it evokes pleasent feelings to me. I love the composition too. But the previous ones were also very good.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Notis! I’m glad you found your colour 🙂
      I think anyone can find the right colour for him/herself in this project. At least, I hope so 🙂

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