Hide and seek: photo series

The sun comes to the flat where I live only in the morning time. But by happy fortune, there is another building in front of my house and because of this, the sun is in my apartment twice. In the evenings as a reflection in the windows shortly before the sunset. And this evening light due to the fact that it’s just a reflection is illusory and extremely changeable. In the summer, it was appearing at around 6:30 pm and in short bursts, it was making its way from the kitchen to the bedroom and from there to the living room. It was appearing and fading out, flashing and hiding again. And I was just a fool with a camera who tried to catch the light which was playing hide and seek with me.

I was completely fool because I was shooting this light on film and then just in the end of November I made the prints you can see now. The prints are made on Fomabrom Variant 111 (multigrade glossy FB) paper. 

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