Lira Family and… marathon!

Lira Family is some wedding boutique. I guessed so from the look of the silhouette in the window 😀 (I am clever!) I liked the bas-relief and the composition on the whole. I didn’t notice this building before, although I most likely passed by it many times. The building is situated on Myasnitskaya street, 15 (Moscow).

As for final result I had to retouch the photo a bit to to get rid of some wires sticking up above the heads of these beautiful women.

I returned to Estonia. You know, I am shocked by my decision myself, but I thought that I could have another marathon from this Thursday to the next Thursday. Photos will be devoted to Moscow or something related to it. I don’t know how I will do it because actually, I didn’t plan this at all. But let me try. In an extreme case, it will be just boring, but I hope you can take it. And any of you can join the marathon, the subject doesn’t matter. Last time no one joined. Except one subscriber. Just because he makes a post every fucking day for several years already (Hi, David!)

9 thoughts on “Lira Family and… marathon!

    1. Yes, the mannequin really looks like a ghost, believe me or not, I didn’t notice it before! Thank you for your attention, Art!
      I like this light too! I think I should try this kind of lighting for some still lifes.

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