First satellite (monument)

It’s a shot from the roll which I developed in August. I had some problems with the spiral, I complained about it to someone here. I had to retouch the frame to make it look better (the original frame was with stripes on the sky due to uneven development).

The monument is situated near metro Rizhskaya where my brother lives. And I know the sculpture looks a bit weird in this angle and lighting but it’s how it really looks on the sunset.

As Wiki says:

The sculpture is a worker who lifted the first artificial Earth satellite in his hand. Author is soviet sculptor Semen Yakovlevich Kovner (1914-1980).

13 thoughts on “First satellite (monument)

    1. I didn’t understand, what do you add? It seems I told you that I had a problem with a spiral, that film stucks in it, in a half way. So I cut it and decided to develop a half of a film and then the other part. But it turned out that the film just slipped off, stick together and so it caused uneven development.

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      1. Oh yes I remember. I was getting slightly uneven development at the top of the frame when I used the recommended amount of developer, so I increased the amount of developer by 10 ml (adjusted dilution) and it gave more even negatives. Are you still using that spiral ?

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        1. So you use a more concentrated solution, don’t you? Doesn’t this lead to overdevelopment?
          I have a problem with a tank for a small format. The films are not fixed properly in the perforation area (just one side). Although, I use a fresh fix and I rotate the tank. It couldn’t be a lack of fix, because it covers a film completely, I fix with a tank open. And it occurs only with some films (Kodak T-max and Agfa APX). Do you have any idea why it can happen?
          No, I don’t use this spiral. I think about buying another one suitable for middle format. But I have no time now to find it.

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            1. Cool! I didn’t know about this calculations. I always did it by myself. But it’s a good thing. Fix stops development immediately, so you can do it with the tank open. It doesn’t matter how much light is in the room.
              Yes, I know about this tank, it seems to be a good one. I’ll try to find it. Possibly, somewhere on Ebay.

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              1. Glad the link was of some use, some really good film & developer times on there too. Takes about 2 1/2 minutes for fix to clear the negatives and to stop light affecting the emulsion.

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  1. Yes, that’s very unusual. I observe the monument nearly every day, in every weather and season but still, this exact view of it was unfamiliar to me. Thank you for catching it!:)

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      1. I think that being a photographer means seeing things in other ways:) And catching and saving moments which most people easily can lose in a day-to-day routine.
        So my comments are pretty predictable since I’m not a photographer at all:)

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        1. I’m happy to read your comments, really. I remember that a year ago you was the only person who wrote comments to me 😀 And I remember that you are always supporting me in almost anything I do. It’s really cool and rarely occurs. Almost never 😀


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