Looking through the photos I captured this autumn, I stumbled upon a series of photos that I took during my walk on the 5th of November. It was already so cold outside. And I think at a warmer time of the year there would not be a mood that makes such an atmosphere. These are abandoned greenhouses near the house where I live. Such images are not usual for me, though once abandoned things were too close, but now I remember this only when I see something so sad and it’s cold around me.

12 thoughts on “Aiandi

    1. Thank you, Rob! This day during the walk I was writing to you 😀 If you remember, I wrote that it’s a fantastic thing about digital photography that you just need to push a button to get a picture 🙂

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        1. I won’t give up! 😀 Yesterday I shot with large format camera and developed film after that. If I will have enough strengths today I will try to make prints too.

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    1. It’s not big tourist attraction 😆 So it’s ok you wasn’t there. But we can go if you’d like the next time, in May. We are waiting for you and Sveta 🙂


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