No title

Hi anyone reading my blog! Once I had a crazy idea of making co-project with someone I met on WP. I even fucked someone’s brain addressed with this idea but vainly (I’m not offended). And still I don’t give up the idea on the whole.

So if you are mad enough, please contact me (use contact form on the blog or just write a comment and I will find you… ha-ha!) and maybe we will try to do something together. I think it could be at least interesting.

P.S. Why this photo? Just for fun.

Upd. Yep, this photo which illustrates why I am a bad reporter. It was shot on Jaanipäev and the event isn’t about dogs at all but all I can do is to shoot dogs.

8 thoughts on “No title

    1. Sorry, I got my dates wrong) I planned some picture and I wasn’t sure I will ever post this text. But because it happened and surprised me as well, and because there’s someone who wrote to me let it be! 😀

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