Alberta street

Dear subscribers, if happens that you really like any of these shots (it’s not obligatory and I don’t beg you to like them) please write why do you think some of them are good or interesting. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Alberta street

  1. I love the way the shadows show the muscular legs of the lion (griffin?) sculpture.

    The dark courtyard in the last pic is very spooky and cool! It’s like a mysterious cave that draws you in with light beyond the dark passage.

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    1. Hello, David! Thank you for your comment! Nice to know you like it!
      It’s not one building but a short street of 14 buildings. They were built in the beginning of 20th century by projects of several architects. I’m not sure if there live ordinary people but some place is given to embassies and offices.

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        1. I posted the best but anyway I will post more on different subject maybe.
          This street should be seen in reality. It’s rather narrow so it’s not easy to make good shots of buildings (of course if someone hasn’t an ability to shoot from inside). Some buildings can look very good in colour too but the weather wasn’t good the day I shot, so everything was a bit dull.

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  2. Well Mrs Shminke, I like the tone first of all, the composition, and the fact that you go to these places and share your images with us. As I was driving around today photographing things I had to ask myself what the hell am I doing and why.

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    1. Hi, Mike! I think you are the first to call me like that 😆
      I’m glad you are here, I even think you will find me even if I won’t be here… and it’s great.
      I wish to see your photos which you made today. I haven’t seen them yet if you made your post but I will check it. I think anything we do is for us first of all but sometimes it’s needed to feel that someone’s is near.

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  3. You know why I would like them Alena 🙂 I love the architecture of Riga, I like the way you have isolated some of the features. The view down the passage way to the courtyard is great, it has an air of mystery about it.

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