Photography is sort of fake?

A friend of mine told me that “photography is sort of fake” (comparing with other art forms). I argued. A little time after I was looking at this sort-of-fake vase and I was thinking about how to make it even more fake. And I think I did it. Now this photo is sort of fake of a fake vase.

P.S. I’m waiting for your arguments why photography is or isn’t fake.

27 thoughts on “Photography is sort of fake?

  1. I started with analogue photography, although then I didn’t take so many photos as I do now. Then, once I had pressed the shutter button, that was all, just to carry the roll to a photo developing store. Of course now we can do much much more to “make fake” with our photos, and I love it, it lets much more creativity.

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    1. Hello, Samuel! Thank you for your comment and your opinion! Creativity is great. I have doubt though that analogue photography give less possibilities for creativity!


      1. Well, analogue photography let creativity on composition, etc. But with digital, I look a photo at the laptop and can choose if it will be monochrome or with colours, if it will have more or less contrast, cold or warm tones… That is what I mean

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      2. And also I would add, do art need to reproduce reality to be art? Painting, literature, sculpture, movies, reproduce exactly the reality? Obviously they don’t. Photography is more art since let transform the real images.

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  2. A fabulous idea, Alena! I personally believe that all art could be cited fake whether it’s a true facsimile or an artist’s impression of a subject. It is what it is, and whatever anyone believes it to be, doesn’t change it. As an ardent camera-toter, I hear no opinions that would upset me or move me either way. I simply enjoy our craft. I don’t think that there’s a single aspect of the whole life experience that can’t be, in some way, considered fakery. Best just to tuck in and enjoy it. Great post! Best wishes, Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Thank you so much, Rob!
      Your opinion is close to what I said. I think that anything can be fake or be art and it doesn’t depend on a form. In my opinion 🙂
      I should learn from you not to hear opinions which may demotivate me! 😆 Because I hear everything.

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      1. I think it is good to hear everything, Alena. Only then can we give ourselves the best chance of having a truly informed opinion. The trick, I find, is learning how best to spot sound opinions and to ignore those of less thorough minds. Separating the peas from the carrots, I guess! 😂

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  3. I think that there is passive and active photography if one can use such terms. Sometimes people shoot objects and scenes because they seem to be obliged to do that, or because it’s a tradition. When I do a photo for a passport or a school graduation photo – it’s one thing. When I participate in a wedding photo session or shoot some monument of a place of interest where I travel – it’s another. But they are usually technical, uninteresting. I memorise, document the reality, I don’t express myself in it. I observe a situation which is hard to pass by without a note. And when I notice something unusual in a daily routine or even create a new scene exactly for doing a photo of it. That’s a radically different thing which has nothing to do with faking.

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  4. Fake or not when I see a cloud my life or life experience may see something you or someone else doesn’t. That’s not fake, it’s more authentic because it is our (my) view of photography. Sometimes your view helps me more than mine… really it does!

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