Playing cards and originality question

After my latest shot with eyes and a self-portrait (on avatar now) in particular, my husband told me that it’s not original at all and there’s so much like that already. It made me sad for a while.

I doubt that someone can do something truly original nowadays (and does anyone need it by the way?) but for me a sort of originality is lack of conscious copying. And in these terms I can say that I’m sort of original. Though, my brain play the ape.

Sometimes I check myself after I shoot something. And sometimes it makes me wonder how I could make something what is some kind of popular while I didn’t think it was. As it was when I shot series with a prism. It turned out that it was sort of trendy at one time.

So, I think there are many card castles and there’s maybe even more portraits with a joker card though believe or not I’m not a Batman/Joker fan and I didn’t try to make a tribute. I will just leave it here as a reminder that my brain is eligible for aping.

Any comments and opinions are strongly welcome!

8 thoughts on “Playing cards and originality question

    1. Hello, Petra! Thank you so much for support!
      I think I made this post to completely affirm my opinion. Now I’m not discouraged at all. Especially after your comment! ☀️

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  1. One advantage of it all having been done already, we can abbreviate our images, not feel like we have to get a complete image, and let the viewer fill in the missing parts. Not sure what that looks like yet…😁

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      1. Thanks 🙏 my thought came from a Discussion we attended in London on the photography of Lucia Moholy. There was some back and forth about using social media such as Instagram to tell your personal stories, and someone made the comment that we don’t need to include the classic / cliche views of works of art, including architecture because either everyone has already seen it or you can find those images very easily. We can tell new stories by jumping off into our own observations. A lot of freedom in that 😉

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