Life of things: sock

Finally, I was back to finish the series/project I started rather long ago. Sometimes I feel like I stuck somewhere and sometimes I can have dozens of ideas. It was at the end of December and I was going to visit Moscow once again and I was sitting in the bus and something happened to me that I found about 10 images I can make to finish this project. Probably I won’t shoot all 10 images but anyway I have enough ideas.

Camera: Nikon F55
Lens: Nikon AF Nikkor 28-80mm 3.3-5.6
Film: Kodak T-max 100
Aperture: F4.2
Shutter speed: 1/15 + 1/15
Developer: Ilford Perceptol (1+3, 19 minutes)
Scan: Epson Perfection V550

9 thoughts on “Life of things: sock

      1. I’m very impressed by anyone with the patience to not only shoot film but develop it themselves. I used to take my film to One Hour Photo, wait for them and throw away all the bad ones. I do almost the same thing now only delete my RAW files. 🙂

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        1. Thank you, Mike! I got used to it. Sometimes I ask myself why film photography. What about this project it is my own challenge for myself. I just asked myself if I can do it on film. I possibly could finish this project long ago if I would made it in digital. But no. I decided to make it on film. Film for a film. For a challenge. I don’t like that but I’ve already started. The other normal reason for shooting in film for me is getting prints. Sometimes I think about a shot and understand that I want make a print of it. Then I shoot film. But sometimes I shoot film just for the hell of it! At least, I can be honest with myself saying that!

          Do you want to try film once again?

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