Life of things: a photography project

I’m glad to present my first analogue photography project which I finally have finished. I started the project about a year and a half ago. I can’t say that it really took so much time but not every shot came out good on the first try. And as analogue photography is much slower than digital every next try was delayed at least for a month. I am still not sure that all it deserved the time I spent on it and maybe digital manipulations could give better result but… Here it is.

I thank Max for making me a company while I was shooting a tree (yes, I feel uncomfortable shooting outside) and my cat for breaking a creamer and making me to start this project.

Some of you could see some photos from the project but several was re-shot and there are several new, so, hope you will enjoy it anyway. Thanks to everyone.

The project is called “life of things” and it is about things. In a way, alive or not. Necessary and unnecessary. Those that we notice and most likely those that we don’t notice at all. What we use and throw away when we can no longer use it. It is an ode to fragility and invisibility. One frame. Two shots.
The idea of the project is to show small life of small things surrounding us in everyday routine. How things are changing, becoming waste or something different, how small things make big things in our lives.


16 thoughts on “Life of things: a photography project

  1. Hi Alena, This is a brilliant concept for a project and I enjoyed looking at every image. The creamer, the apple, the tree and book, and the shirt and cotton are among the images that really spoke to me. All of the images in this series are beautiful in their uniqueness.

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