11 thoughts on “October mobilography

  1. Great set once again! I don’t know why you don’t get a quality pocket camera like the Sony RX100-V (except for the fact that it cost about $850). When I bought my first one I seriously wondered if it was too small. 📷

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    1. Do you think then my shots will be better? I like mobile shots because I can make them spontaneously and I can do them always. Yes, I can’t zoom almost at all but quality isn’t that bad I think.

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  2. Beautiful views! The saturation and depth are gorgeous in these images. They feel alive. I especially love the open window perspective. Looks like it could have been captured from above. 💚

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    1. Hello! Thank you for your words!
      I thought it would be great if someone put an arm out of the window, maybe holding a cigarette between fingers. It could look then more surreal.

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    1. Hello, Martin! Thank you for such a comment. I think I could find what could be wrong but as it were spontaneous photos I really don’t care if they are not ideal at all!

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