Has anyone seen Loulou?

It has never happened to me before, but I literally fell in love with the commercial of this perfume and thus fell in love with the perfume before I tried it.
Loulou is maybe the one of the most famous works of Jean Guichard and all of his works (from those that I am familiar with) seem crazy to me. Not obviously crazy, but you can feel a little hint of oddity. His works are built on contradiction, they are not unambiguous. In addition to the fact that his fragrances are multicomponent and therefore complex, there is something paradoxical in the notes.
There is a lot of theatricality in this fragrance. Perhaps this view was inspired by the video, but now I can’t get rid of this association. The scent is far-out and introspective. Autumn and wind, maybe a little rain, like haze… that’s a great company for it. And this weird blue for sure.

– Loulou! Has anyone seen Loulou?
– She just left…

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