Ghost and memories

My husband gave me a humidifier for this new year. You can already guess where the steam on the photo comes from. I used to think that a humidifier was a whim, until this year when I began to dry down because of dry air in our flat during the cold season. I will not horrify you with details, but I will say that it turned out to be a necessity.
I use it everyday and I noticed how great the steam can look in rays of light.
I couldn’t come up with a more interesting object for a photo, but maybe this one is interesting enough. I would say that it makes sense for me. I was introduced to this fragrance in 2000 or 2001. My mother wore it. For me, fragrances are something special. Well, you know, there are people who use perfume just to smell nice or not to stink. I wear perfume because it delights, surprises, inspires me and evokes memories. For me, this scent is like a time machine. Probably, in general, it is smells that can change perception in a split second and transfer you to another dimension. It seems to me that hardly any other stimulus can do this.

2 thoughts on “Ghost and memories

  1. Cool picture! Wonderfully done. I agree, smells are a time and dimension capsule, together with music (!) and, in my case, colours. (There is a particular kind of purple that somehow triggers a memory, but I can’t really grasp what that memory actually is. Still, it IS there. Oh, and a certain green – I know that one: a bouncy ball I used to have when I was six years old. 🙂 )

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