Trees on Aksi island

I haven’t been there. But anytime I see an island where I haven’t been yet and I know I won’t visit soon, I say to myself: “Never mind! I will be there one day”. Generally I can’t visit an island if it’s not inhabited, and it means there are no regular or just any sailings. There are many islands in Estonia which are not inhabited. The only way to go there is to sail there yourself. Well, another way is that maybe someone will take you there for a tidy sum, in case there is a group of idiots like you. Usually normal people say: “There’s nothing on this island, why do you want to go there?” And to be honest I have nothing to answer except that it’s an adventure.

Maybe it’s not the best possible photo. In my defense, I can say that our ship rocked well and the waves went over the side several times. One of those times my camera got wet and I luckily discovered that there was a protective filter on the lens. This is my father’s lens. I don’t usually think about things like protective filters. But it seems to be good. And it looks like I have a super skill to stay stable when everything isn’t stable. But it’s much more difficult to walk in such a case 😀 I tried it several times ending with the phrase: “Fuck it, I’m staying right here”. But finally I got back to a cabin.

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