Toom kirik

Scan doesn’t show all the details but let it be. Paper: Slavich Unibrom 160 (RC) matte semi-cardboard smooth normalSize: 13×18 cmScan: Canon LaserBase MF 3228


I wanted to post something contrast and sad. And so here is the photo. Don’t ask me why it seems to me sad. Don’t you think so?

Plevna Chapel

The chapel has some history behind which made me amazed a little. I saw this chapel many times before but I didn’t read about it anything. I’m not good in rewriting in English so I will just copy a piece of article from English Wikipedia. Plevna Chapel is a public subscription monument to the Russian … More Plevna Chapel

Atrium (part I)

Or a full name: “shopping-entertainment complex Atrium” as it is called on Tripadvisor. Probably one of the few shopping centers (at least in Moscow) that have become an art object, thanks to the huge graffiti on the walls of the building. As far as I was able to find out, graffiti was made this year … More Atrium (part I)

Stroomi keskus

I did this shot some time ago. I tried to re-shoot this building but failed to find this angle and it was really good. Here I added some PS magic 😀 And without it this shot would look really crappy. So thank God we have PS 😀