On Voorimehe street

I made these shots in January this year, I was shooting with Zenit-11 camera and in fact I just wanted to try the camera and Ilford Delta 3200 film too. I couldn’t scan this roll of film well with an other scanner I used but my scanner made rather good scans and that’s why I’m … More On Voorimehe street

On Harju street

I made this shot in the end of December. This evening was a bit foggy and I decided to go. I used Kodak T-max 100 film as usual but I noticed just after buying it that it is almost expired, the roll was recommended to developed until 01.2019. As I read earlier by the time … More On Harju street

Rainy weather

And rainy mood. Tomorrow I will go to and I will be in Russia. Anytime I’m going to be out of the place where I usually live I become a bit sad. And then when I’m going home I’m also sad. Perhaps, I moved rather much and that’s why I have such feelings. I can’t … More Rainy weather