Sometimes you want fences to disappear because they prevent you from seeing something. Sometimes fences are welcome to complete a frame.The door to the chapel was open, but the fence was closed. I didn’t dare to open the fence from the outside.

Rukkirahu tuletorn

I haven’t taken a single still life in the last month and a half. Maybe because I spent quite a lot of time away from home. I recently bought flowers to photograph, but a few days passed and they withered, and I still didn’t make a composition. I haven’t even put my camera on a … More Rukkirahu tuletorn

Memento vitae

If you have been following my blog for a long time, you may have noticed (it isn’t difficult, by God!) that I love photographing churches. I’m not an adherent of any religion, so I freely photograph any churches. I like the architectural side and the fact that they make me think about death in general, … More Memento vitae