Säde musical video

The sad thing about collaborating is a partner may disappear. I’m not a persistent person and that’s why I don’t know the reason of disappearing. But as the author of music once said I can do as many videos on his music as I wish, here I am. I started this video last winter and … More Säde musical video

Opus 5

This was my attempt for a photo for a piece of music of the composer I mentioned twice here. But he disappeared somewhere. I have no idea why, maybe after this shot that I’ve shared with him. Would you ran away too? I won’t publish a song here but I will say it was pretty … More Opus 5

Imaginary road trip without destination: a photography co-project

This is a project I made together with Mike Ross again. As ever I start with thanks. Thank you, Mike, for bearing with me! At the end of our first project was a phrase “to be continued” and our communication really continued after a short break. We didn’t think about concept much, we just chose … More Imaginary road trip without destination: a photography co-project

No title

Hi anyone reading my blog! Once I had a crazy idea of making co-project with someone I met on WP. I even fucked someone’s brain addressed with this idea but vainly (I’m not offended). And still I don’t give up the idea on the whole. So if you are mad enough, please contact me (use … More No title

Through the windows

I don’t shoot street photography though I like it a bit. I don’t know why I don’t shoot. Maybe I just like to be at home and to work at home. Anyway, I like to communicate with people (yes, sometimes it happens) and it happened that several people I… actually don’t know but with whom … More Through the windows