Väike-pakri cows

I looked through photos which I took this summer and I stopped at these photos of cows. I don’t know why I like these photos so much. These cows just were in the field, they were looking straight at me… and they were serious. They looked so as if they protected this island on which … More Väike-pakri cows

No title

Hi anyone reading my blog! Once I had a crazy idea of making co-project with someone I met on WP. I even fucked someone’s brain addressed with this idea but vainly (I’m not offended). And still I don’t give up the idea on the whole. So if you are mad enough, please contact me (use … More No title


The dog is also something connected with Russia in my mind. When I expect a question from a border guard, what I have in Russia, I am ready to answer: mother, brother, citizenship and beagle! 😀 The photo was taken (actually a year ago) with Lubitel-166B camera on Fomapan 400 film… with some aperture and … More Sandy