Miss the colour

It’s strange to hear from a person who shoots mostly in bw but I miss the colour. I like snow but I really miss colours. We still have snow here and it’s a shot from a summer we had once.

Naissaare tuletorn

Naissaar is a small officially almost uninhabited island (Wiki says from 2011 there are 3 persons who live there… but I can’t imagine it really), which could be visited by a small ship during summertime. Basically, tourists are somehow entertained, because not everyone is interested in walking around the island, which actually has almost nothing … More Naissaare tuletorn

Pourquoi es-tu ici?

Pourquoi es-tu ici?Les vagues s’écrasent contre le bord du bateau.Le regard erre sur les flots.Tu cherches quoi?Tu es seule parmi des tonnes d’eau froid.Fille, qui t’a dit,Que tu peux fuir la mélancolie? When I learn a language, I try to speak it in my head or try to express what I feel. My French is … More Pourquoi es-tu ici?