On Voorimehe street

I made these shots in January this year, I was shooting with Zenit-11 camera and in fact I just wanted to try the camera and Ilford Delta 3200 film too. I couldn’t scan this roll of film well with an other scanner I used but my scanner made rather good scans and that’s why I’m … More On Voorimehe street


Another shot from a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 which still looks rather good even underdeveloped. Camera: Zenit TTLLens: KMZ Zenitar-M 50mm 1.7Film: Ilford Delta 3200Aperture: F4.0Shutter speed: 1/60Developer: Fomadon R09 (1+50, 11 minutes)Scan: CanoScan 9000F Mark II

Through the windows

I don’t shoot street photography though I like it a bit. I don’t know why I don’t shoot. Maybe I just like to be at home and to work at home. Anyway, I like to communicate with people (yes, sometimes it happens) and it happened that several people I… actually don’t know but with whom … More Through the windows