Rukkirahu tuletorn

I haven’t taken a single still life in the last month and a half. Maybe because I spent quite a lot of time away from home. I recently bought flowers to photograph, but a few days passed and they withered, and I still didn’t make a composition. I haven’t even put my camera on a … More Rukkirahu tuletorn


I always think of death when I see clouds, well in a good sense. I would like to fly above mountains when I will die. I’m not sure it’s possible but I would like to.

View to mountains

There are many hills and mountains in the place where I was born. I haven’t ever thought that I missed it that much. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to my native land but during my latest short trip a couple of weeks ago, I got the strongest impression from the mountains. Stronger … More View to mountains

Nina lighthouse

I was shooting this lighthouse during the rain falling down. When I came to the place there were two guys, one of which was a photographer. He was standing on his knees bending low to the ground and taking pictures of other guy with the lighthouse on the background. I would like to see, what … More Nina lighthouse