Naissaare tuletorn

Naissaar is a small officially almost uninhabited island (Wiki says from 2011 there are 3 persons who live there… but I can’t imagine it really), which could be visited by a small ship during summertime. Basically, tourists are somehow entertained, because not everyone is interested in walking around the island, which actually has almost nothing … More Naissaare tuletorn

Käsmu tuletorn

It’s another (the second) wooden lighthouse in Estonia. It was built in 1889-1892 and was working until the early 1990s. Wiki says that it’s a part of Käsmu museum now, though I was visiting the museum and no one said the lighthouse was a part of it. Another source says you have to ask to … More Käsmu tuletorn

Rukkirahu tuletorn

I haven’t taken a single still life in the last month and a half. Maybe because I spent quite a lot of time away from home. I recently bought flowers to photograph, but a few days passed and they withered, and I still didn’t make a composition. I haven’t even put my camera on a … More Rukkirahu tuletorn

Kõpu tuletorn

Ma ei tea miks aga ma armastan tuletorne. Ma ei usu väga, aga võib olla kunagi eelmises elus olin majakavaht. Praegu ütlen aeg-ajalt, et soovin saada meremeheks. Minu abikaasa naerab. Kõpu tuletorn on kõige vahvam tuletorn, mida ma olen kunagi näinud. See on umbes 500 aastat vana ja lihtsalt nägus. Tundub, et ma ei pildistanud … More Kõpu tuletorn