Plevna Chapel

The chapel has some history behind which made me amazed a little. I saw this chapel many times before but I didn’t read about it anything. I’m not good in rewriting in English so I will just copy a piece of article from English Wikipedia. Plevna Chapel is a public subscription monument to the Russian … More Plevna Chapel

Atrium (part I)

Or a full name: “shopping-entertainment complex Atrium” as it is called on Tripadvisor. Probably one of the few shopping centers (at least in Moscow) that have become an art object, thanks to the huge graffiti on the walls of the building. As far as I was able to find out, graffiti was made this year … More Atrium (part I)

It was snowing…

…in Moscow. Last year 🙂 I made this shot in December 2017 during my short trip to Russia. I lived in Moscow and suburbs for 10 years and this city became really precious to me. But I understood this only when I moved to Tallinn. Maybe it always happens like that and it’s just how … More It was snowing…

Don’t do anything

While I’m trying to deal with all the analog stuff which I brought and turn the air blue a little, here’s a street photo for you. It’s advice at the same time on what to do in case of fire or another unforeseen circumstance 🙂


I just came back from Russia and it’s the third post about architecture. I made these shots several days ago in Moscow. To be precise it’s a building on Prospekt Mira (184/2).