Sleepy days

It seems I made the shot in November 2019 but I didn’t post it for some reasons. For the last month I tried to shoot more videos (and I hope that I can share them soon) and I shot photos less, that’s why I grabbed this one, now. The other reason is this shot express … More Sleepy days


Despite it’s a photography blog here’s my first video I made on the 1st of January. The problem is I can’t load it exactly here but I can leave here a link (oh, it works!). If you like rain and the sound of rain, if you like not only black and white photos but black … More Raindrops

Rainy weather

And rainy mood. Tomorrow I will go to and I will be in Russia. Anytime I’m going to be out of the place where I usually live I become a bit sad. And then when I’m going home I’m also sad. Perhaps, I moved rather much and that’s why I have such feelings. I can’t … More Rainy weather