Deep night

I continue to photograph bottles from time to time. I think this one was a success. Although, the form turned out to be more interesting than the smell, in my opinion.

Vanad ajad

Ma otsustasin kirjutada mõnikord teistes keeltes. Ma ei ole kindel, et keegi soovi tõlkida ja vabandust selle est, aga mul on natukene veel tuttavaid ja mitte tuttavaid, kes aeg ajalt vaatab minu bloogi. Ma mõtlesin, et see ei ole õige, kui ma kirjtan ainult inglise keeles, ja muide see ei ole minu ema keel. Eesti … More Vanad ajad

Ghost and memories

My husband gave me a humidifier for this new year. You can already guess where the steam on the photo comes from. I used to think that a humidifier was a whim, until this year when I began to dry down because of dry air in our flat during the cold season. I will not … More Ghost and memories