Suur ja Väike Ameerika tänavad

I try to have a walk every workday during my lunch time, I can’t go far away from my work that’s why I have some favourite streets I walk on. The last time I change my route and I went to the streets Suur Ameerika and Väike Ameerika what means Big American street and Small American street.

As it turned out, most of my readers are from USA (I don’t know how it happened, maybe it’s because I write in English, wow), that’s why I think you all deserve this post. It’s my way to say hello and thanks.

Streets were named after the inn and tavern “America” located on the corner of Big American Street and Pärnu Road. Big American street got its name in 1877 and the Small – in 1923. On June 27, 1950, streets were renamed, Big American street became Komsomol Street and the Small became Fast street. They got their historical names back on October 18, 1991.

Now, attention. Big American Street is approximately 850 meters long and Small is about 790 meters long (actually, not much smaller than a big one!) It’s Tallinn, baby!

P.S. It seems that after such photos people will begin to unsubscribe. Anyway.

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