Silence: a photography project

I’m not sure that some of you notice that I didn’t post anything on last Thursday. To be honest I myself didn’t notice that.

I’m glad to show you latest project which I’ve finally printed in the end of December. Photos were printed on watercolor paper in Van Dyke Brown technique. Photos were taken digitally and if you are watching my blog you could see them.

Silence and silentness are something missing today. The absence of sound and the focus on your own internal processes may be a form of therapy available to any person. This project is an attempt to give an opportunity to feel the effect of silence.

The world has become quieter
When it’s so quiet that you can hear grains of sand falling in a sand-glass
Spread the sign – quiet
Sound of silence
The end
Chemical sleep

6 thoughts on “Silence: a photography project

  1. I really appreciate the concept (and realisation) of Listening to one’s own silence inside. Please, continue!

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