Rainy weather

And rainy mood. Tomorrow I will go to and I will be in Russia. Anytime I’m going to be out of the place where I usually live I become a bit sad. And then when I’m going home I’m also sad. Perhaps, I moved rather much and that’s why I have such feelings. I can’t let go the past and just live now. Though, some things can’t be the past. Because they are not things but people. People can’t be the past even if they died many years ago. No, everything isn’t that bad. I will see my mother and brother and my dog. And I miss them much. Just I’m a bit sad now.

I made this shot from mobile phone. I can let myself to post photos from mobile two times per year.

21 thoughts on “Rainy weather

      1. I can funny dance just to any song I guess:) I tried to play this song on the guitar several years ago. It had fairly simply chords even for me:)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, you definitely can 😆 I guess you can dance that way even without music at all 😆
          I remeber you playing the song. It seems it was me who showed the chords to you. Or at least I remember the bass line I showed.


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