Plevna Chapel

The chapel has some history behind which made me amazed a little. I saw this chapel many times before but I didn’t read about it anything. I’m not good in rewriting in English so I will just copy a piece of article from English Wikipedia.

Plevna Chapel is a public subscription monument to the Russian Grenadiers who died during the Siege of Plevna (a major battle of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878).

By the way, if you take a look at the whole article (very small indeed) you can see a reproduction of a 19th-century postcard. It’s funny to think that Moscow looked like this in former times.

As for why I photographed it at all. It was dusk and I just stood and looked at the candles lit inside the chapel. In those moments I’d like to believe in God, but not for long.

6 thoughts on “Plevna Chapel

    1. had to process image rather much to get final result. I just overexposed the shot to get details inside. So it’s a pleasure to hear that the lighting is good 🙂 Thank you, Art!

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  1. A really lovely composition Alena!! Well done and, have a fabulous Christmas! I hope you got my card in time! 🙏

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