A quick glance at Indian jug

I don’t like shooting things which are already beautiful and arranged. But sometimes things are so attractive that I can’t resist a will to capture them. At least I’m unlikely to spend so much money to buy such a jug for a couple of photos. Let it be my personal excuse. I’m not sure if shooting things in cafes while walking the streets is still street photography but I tagged it like this.

6 thoughts on “A quick glance at Indian jug

  1. I wasn’t making fun of you Alena, I thought it might be some kind of special container used for sacrificing goats or something. 😉

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      1. æ is a sound that a Russian cat makes when you try to sit down in an armchair where the cat is sleeping already;)

        I thought that this jug was Arab (or even Uzbek:)), not Indian:) How do you know its origin?

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        1. 😀
          I don’t know, maybe because of a name of a cafe or some attributes of it. There was one Uzbek cafe in Tallinn, but it is closed now. We have no Arabian cafes or I don’t know about them… or they look like shaurmyashnaya.


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