Tallinn Old town through the trees

These are shots from Fomapan 100 film which I shot in April this year. This roll of film was a bit not typical for me because I shot it without measuring, without notes, without tripod, without my habitual flat surroundings, without planning. I just walked the streets and made shots. I think I got not the worst results though maybe results could be better if I shoot ordinary. Or not, who knows.

Yep, measurements were made by the camera itself. My camera is smart enough. Sometimes it’s smarter than me 🙂

I don’t know what apertures and shutter speeds I used there and I don’t care. As I said this was a roll of Foma Fomapan 100 film, it was developed in Kodak D-76 (also a new developer for me) in 1+1 dilution for 10 minutes and scanned on Epson Perfection V550.

I think I’ll try to make a marathon from this day and till the end of this week. Let’s see if I won’t fail.

15 thoughts on “Tallinn Old town through the trees

  1. I be happy with those images, and no we don’t need all the details, although I will say how many of us film shooters can remember what shutter or aperture settings where used when we took these pictures anyway… I have difficulty remembering what lens I have used and there’s only two in my bag!

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    1. Thank you, Martin! I usually make notes because it makes me think where I made mistake (if I would) or what I could do different. Somehow it makes me develop. I make notes when I print too (if I don’t forget, haha!) to repeat it again easily if needed.

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    1. I missed your comment, Art! Thank you! I think I started to understand what means that fomapan 100 has a character 🙂 I liked D76 but it’s not sold in Tallinn 😦

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        1. I’m not sure about ID11 though we have here other Ilford developers, but their problem is that they are not keepable at all. I mixed Perceptol, it was easy to make and I read it can be stored for long, but I used it just once, so I can’t tell how good it is in storage.

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          1. Yes, when you mix a developer from powder it only lasts about 3 – 4 months (stock solution) in a full airtight bottle, I use one of the concertina (collapsible) ones.

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            1. Yes, but I’ve read that Ilfosol 3 couldn’t be kept at all, even stock solution, even in a full bottle. They sell here Ilfosol 3 🙂 But I was wiser to read about it first.

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              1. That’s correct, Ilfosol 3 stock will go off in an opened bottle, you will have to shoot 2 or 3 films a week 😀 Rodinal is the longest lasting but I find it a bit too grainy for me on some films.

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      1. I’m not sure exactly what the song is about but the line is a great metaphor on its own. For life, for photography, for finding the truth. Its called Scarlet Begonias by the Grateful Dead.

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        1. I had to read it several times before I understood the sense 😆 it’s not complicated but I just couldn’t translate it right for some reason.


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